October 2019

The Swedish WTM Centre’s first official meeting! Ulrik, Eva, Sandra and Olof met over a very nice dinner to share their experiences of living with this incredible explanation of the human condition and the joy of having found understanding of their lives.

Ulrik, Eva, Sandra and Olof in a restaurant

August 2019

Exciting meeting with founders and members of the other Global WTM Centres, where many topics, including the polarised state of politics, were discussed, and how this can come to an end and a new transformed world begins with the clarifying insight this world-saving understanding now allows us.

Screenshot of people participating in a WTM Global Centres video conference discussion

July 2019

WTM Sweden founder Olof visiting members of the Austrian WTM Center, for the second time! It was a wonderful week of fellowship based on our shared appreciation of Jeremy Griffith's understanding of the human condition.

  • WTM Sweden founder Olof having dinner with members of the WTM Austria Center
  • Olof in the rain with WTM Austria members Stefan, Sophie, Gerald and Gerry