About World Transformation Movement Sweden

The WTM Sweden Centre is dedicated to providing a forum and community in Sweden for those people wanting to support and learn about the critically important work of the World Transformation Movement and its support of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough, all-important understanding of the human condition.

The most prominent members of the WTM Sweden Centre are Olof Österman and Ulrik & Sandra Jonasson Helms; they are the most well versed in these transforming understandings of the human condition at their centre, and therefore the best placed to help people in their region develop their interest in Jeremy Griffith’s work.

  • Founder of the WTM Sweden Centre, Olof Österman is an accountant/financial controller. He is currently completing a Master’s degree of science in business and economics from Umeå University.

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  • Ulrik Helms is a gym owner and personal trainer; Sandra Jonasson Helms is a naprapath with a background as a nurse.

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The Human Condition

FOR MOST OF US our main personal concerns are how to be happy, feel good about ourselves and establish a sense of worth or self-esteem. Our wider concern is how to stop human suffering and conflict, and how to end all the devastation in our world.

For a long time we have been able to do little more than deal with these problems superficially, however, we have now reached a point where patch up repairs of ourselves and our earth are no longer sufficient. The truth is we are fast approaching a state of complete exhaustion, both of ourselves and our planet. We need a profound solution, THE profound solution, if there is one, and there is.

To find the profound solution we have to go back to the basic questions most of us have long since given up struggling with. From there we have to carefully unravel what has been causing human upset from its beginning. This will take us back through the mists of time to our earliest ancestors. It is a thought journey that will require a little patience as there are many paradoxes to grasp along the way.

The time has come and it is now a matter of urgency to switch our attention from the physical to the psychological and to grapple with the crux problem, that greatest of all paradoxes, the riddle of human nature.

In the following exceptional video, Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith explains his key 'instinct v's intellect' treatise that unlocks the paradox of the human condition; if the universally accepted ideals are to be cooperative, loving and selfless they have been accepted by the great civilisations as the basis for their constitutions and laws and by the founders of all the great religions as the basis of their teachings why are we competitive, aggressive and selfish? What is the reason for our divisive nature?

The breakthrough biological explanation presented is confronting that cannot be avoided but it is also liberating.

And that is the purpose of the World Transformation Movement — to help spread the word about this groundbreaking solution to the human condition. To show that this answer dignifies humans in the most remarkable way. It lifts the burden of guilt from humanity. It exonerates us and restores our love of ourselves, our kind and all creation. It allows us to heal the wounds we have inflicted on the planet, on one another and on ourselves. It provides us with the key to freedom from our upset state or condition. It brings us understanding of ourselves.

MUST, MUST WATCH: Craig Conway, the acclaimed British actor, writer, producer and broadcaster — and the founder of WTM North East England Centre — has brought all his skills to bear to produce the ideal introduction to Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition in this absolutely astonishing, world-changing and world-saving interview with Jeremy. It’s called ‘THE’ Interview because in it Jeremy gives such a concise and accessible summary of his world-saving explanation of the human condition that it’s nothing less than the most important interview of all time!

The Books

I highly recommend you read more about the human condition in the chapter in FREEDOM  titled 'What exactly is the human condition?'and watch as many videos about the human condition as you can — there is a whole library of fascinating and free videos here.

You can also freely download Jeremy Griffith's books FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition and its short condensation, Transform Your Life And Save The World .

The books and other publications Jeremy Griffith has written on his breakthrough biological explanation of the human condition are published by WTM Publishing & Communications.

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News from WTM Sweden

July 2021

In Jeremy's book Freedom Expanded, after having explained The Human Condition and the basic elements of it in chapter 3, chapter 3:5 goes into how this wonderful explanation takes us out of denial into understanding and how that enables us to heal now, and it's just such a wonderful introductory paragraph to our new reality of understanding that I thought it be good to just include it here below with the accompanying suitable picture:

The WTM’s FREEDOM poster showing people running out of a dark cave towards a radiant sunrise

The WTM’s FREEDOM poster, copies of which are freely available at www.humancondition.com/posters

It is not surprising then that, unable to explain ourselves and, in doing so, safely acknowledge the truth of our own instinctive orientation, and other previously unconfrontable truths, denial — and deep denial at that — has been our only means of coping with the imperfections and dilemmas of our lives.

As will be described more fully in Part 3:10, in his great work, The Republic, the Greek philosopher Plato (c.429-347 BC) employed the allegory of a cave to describe the human condition. This allegory — in which humans live imprisoned in a dark cave, deep underground (which the picture of the cave in our FREEDOM poster, above, depicts) — is the perfect metaphor for having to live in a state of denial or block-out or dissociation or alienation: humans have had to, as it were, hide in a cave to avoid the glaring light of the sun, which symbolises all the truth about ourselves that we haven’t, until now, been able to confront. Indeed, while some of those unbearable truths have been introduced, as this presentation progresses more and more truths that we have had to live in denial of will be revealed, which will undoubtedly make the reader/viewer nervous, however, all these truths will be presented under the umbrella of the safety of the dignifying, reconciling, redeeming, rehabilitating and TRANSFORMING full truth about our less-than- ideal, imperfect, upset, hurt, damaged, compromised, corrupted, soul-destroyed lives. Explanation of the human condition brings ameliorating, healing understanding to ,all the upset, all the psychological suffering in human life. The word ‘psychiatry’ literally means ‘soul-healing’ (derived as it is from psyche meaning ‘soul’ and iatreia meaning ‘healing’), but we have never been able to ‘heal our soul’, explain to our original instinctive self or soul that we, our fully conscious, thinking self is good and not bad and, by so doing, reconcile and heal our split selves — until now.

As the euphemisms have asserted, ‘understanding is compassion’, ‘the truth will set you free’ (Bible, John 8:32), ‘honesty is therapy’ and ‘in repentance lies salvation’ — but we humans have never been able to ‘understand’ ourselves, know ‘the truth’ about ourselves, be ‘honest’ about our condition, explain why we have been upset and in so doing end our insecurity and redeem ourselves from upset with honesty. But now we can. Now that we can explain and understand that we are fundamentally good and not bad after all, the insecure, suicidally depressing state of our apparently contradictory nature — our human condition — can be reconciled and thus brought to an end. As Professor Prosen said, with understanding of the human condition found ‘the psychological rehabilitation of the human race’ can finally begin.

May 2021

I recently posted this on the WTM's Facebook group and thought I'd share it here:

This is THE truth about us humans! It reveals a real, meaningful, immensely tragic, but heroic and finally triumphant story of FREEDOM. I love this group because we can now all get to know and get the first taste of FREEDOM here together!

Sunrise over green hills representing humanity's triumphant story of Freedom

March 2021

I just love when Jeremy talks about the transformed state that this information allows, and points out the amazing opportunity it is for humans to break free from our human condition stricken existence. The point that it basically comes naturally because it is something we want, and saves the world, although it requires some effort to open yourself to the opportunity, is so relieving to hear. I thought I’d highlight two talks by Jeremy that both incorporate sections where this is wonderfully communicated.

In the video Part 2 The exciting, human-condition-resolved, REAL start found at the beginning of Freedom Essay 36, 46 min in, Jeremy says, reinforcing what’s been said right before the comment: “And it’s so true, let’s get out of here, why wouldn’t you, when you can? It’s just a state of numb shock that people can’t immediately see what’s on offer now. They say, ‘Well, I have to wrestle with this, how does this fit in with my power and glory-seeking self?’ They just have to be told, ‘Look, that’s all redundant, it’s history, don’t even go near that valley again.’”. The reference to the valley is to the drawing by Jeremy below, where on the right side of it we have moved on from the preoccupation with the human condition and the upset of it at the left side of the valley, to a world of excitement on the human condition solved and reconciled side of the hill.

Jeremy’s drawing demonstrating how to become Transformed

Similarly, in the January 2021 Global Transformation Meeting (GTM) video, Jeremy says: “when this catches on, or what I’m talking of catches, on, people lock on to it, that old world is just, you know.. Everyone is still basically just sitting on their hands, arguing about this and that, when this huge opportunity, to answer all our prayers is sitting right in front of us. And that realization is going to crack through one day and then its just going to be on. Why stay in that old embattled world, there’s not a smidgeon of a reason to do that. This is so exciting, it’s just incredible, you know. I mean, it’s the thing that drives my whole life. I just know that there is this other thing, this potential, this other way of living, that’s just absolutely incredible”.

Listening to this, it feels so good, because you know that this transformed state which is freedom from the human condition and the suffering of today is indeed a natural response to the amazingness of having the explanation of the human condition in humanity now and something we will do willingly collectively and that it is just going to be on one day soon.

January 2021

As Jeremy explains in FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition, when we’re around 14-15 years of age we all encounter a place where we honestly look into ourselves and find that we can’t reconcile our un-ideal feelings and behaviour with the natural sense we have that we shouldn’t have those feeling or behave that way, and that we should be good, cooperative and loving. This is a crisis point virtually everyone reaches and no-one has, until the explanation of the human condition arrived, been able to mediate in that place with the understanding that would allow it to be made sense of and be cope able (by explaining we’re actually all very, very good!). So, since this time, we all (except for those rare, sheltered, humans who received an astounding degree of nurturing in their upbringing and therefore did not become too psychologically upset) have lived in hiding from the issue that we might be bad or meaningless or worthless, which is a terrifying feeling that amounts to a suicidal depression if lingered on. However by ‘resigning’ (see Freedom Essay 30) and taking up the false excuse that humans naturally are selfish, egocentric and savage animals fighting for territory, a mate and to reproduce, you have a defence that protects you and keeps the insinuation that you might be bad away, and that’s what virtually everyone have lived through.

One consequence of this is how, while that savage-instincts excuse has helped us and been absolutely needed, and as such a life-saver, its use by us humans can easily make it appear now as if people generally are not in a psychologically compromised state at all, but are actually just fine. Jeremy talks about this in his wonderful talk in Sydney 2019 named Jeremy Griffith’s Masterpiece Presentation which has become Freedom Essay 62, where he puts up the picture below, showing an example of how far removed we are from the recognition of this underlying psychologically compromised position of ours, not being able to understand and defend ourselves from that underlying crux issue, keeping it as far away as possible!

This whole pretence that everything is fine, that there is no human condition that has us psychologically compromised in an upset state has been absolutely necessary but now we can stop with that, and instead rely on the truth of this information that explains all the horror, and solves it and that shift will allow an incredible a calmness and reassuredness to enter into our lives. The pretence that things are fine has now played its part because there is no horror to hide any longer, as it has been explained away as a misunderstanding (see video 3 at the top of the main website to watch the explanation of that core misunderstanding). The effect on other people when someone doesn’t pretend that things are fine is enormously therapeutic, and that’s just through the honesty, so imagine when someone, or better yet, many, many people start to stop that behaviour, knowing there’s no need to pretend because the horror is gone, totally vanished once and for all — what a ripple effect that will have throughout human relations! So that state depicted in the picture below, although it has been immensely helpful and valuable, has now well and truly played its part and isn’t necessary any longer, and something much better can take its place.

Broadway Musical Actors

December 2020

I don’t really know where to start with this one but I found this suitcase with the inscription HCF (Human Condition Free)... This human condition free existence that is now available to us thanks to the depth and clarity of Jeremys explanations is out of this world! Out of this world into the new through understanding. Leave your old suitcase behind and step into the sunshine of understanding!

‘Everything in here is now explained and defended’ and simply leave that suitcase behind at the entrance to what we in the WTM call the Sunshine Highway and set out free and unencumbered into the new, human-condition-free world. Everyone can now join the Sunshine Army on the Sunshine Highway to the World In Sunshine.’ - Freedom: Expanded Book 2 — Questions & Answers

Leather suitcase with HCF inscription

October 2020

Review I wrote in September on Bokus of FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition (the book is also available for free download at www.humancondition.com)

This book delivers, through biological, human condition-solving science, the much needed and ground-breaking psychological insight into what it means to be a human. It confronts the elephant in the living room, of our contradictory, divisive, upset, potentially horrible, but also empathetic, cooperative and loving behaviour, and the reader who is the subject, gets himself explained and answers to the inner questions of his own and others' goodness, which is the ultimate and fantastic, redemptive value in this book, which has rightly been called by Harry Prosen, a former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, for "the book that saves the world." This book saves the world by giving all people understanding of themselves, specifically of our inner upset feelings and behaviour, where this is explained as a consequence of a conflict that broke out between our intellect and instincts in a phase of our evolutionary development, which understanding allows us to look at ourselves and others and our behaviour from an understanding perspective where the misunderstanding around these non-ideal feelings and behaviours, that it would mean that we are evil or worthless, no longer applies. This great crisis in our consciousness, that we may be evil beings, ends with this book, and is completely explained away by biological science which explains the misunderstanding we have had to live with and replaces it with the truth. As Jesus has said, "the truth will set you free" and that situation has never been more applicable than it is now, in this book, specifically through the understanding and validation of our goodness. This book is simply the breakthrough of understanding humanity has been waiting for and it opens, through understanding and not dogma, the real, totally legitimate, world of peace and cooperation that we have been waiting for.

Bokus book review of FREEDOM

July 2020

During summer here in Sweden I often spend time at our family’s country house, and enjoy the time there, and especially enjoy being able to understand through the explanation of the human condition what nature means for humans including myself. The other day I watched an episode on SVT’s ‘Vetenskapens Värld’ (The World of Science) about nature’s effect on peoples well-being and ability to regenerate; and how our brain is activated in ‘nature-environments’ compared to how it’s activated in ‘city-environments’. The show was supplying research showing the amygdala’s (the fight, flight–response, or ‘reptilian’ brain) higher activation in the latter environment.

I knew Jeremy clarifies all that in ‘FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition’, so after watching the program I looked up that passage I had thought of, which really is so clarifying of our separation from the natural world and the reasons and meaning of it. It’s explained there that while nature is deeply nurturing of our soul and thus in that respect potentially very regenerative, the human condition has been a story about us having to ‘march into hell for a heavenly cause’ where ‘nature’ and ‘the natural world’ has been part of the, or on the side of, innocence, which has criticised us and which we have had to defy, so just as with innocence generally, our relation to nature has been conflicted, which Jeremy explains our city-living is a result of. You can read that whole passage–which I highly recommend–where all this is explained in Chapter 8:16A, see here.

Having the explanation of the human condition means we can now all look forward to reconnecting with nature!

FREEDOM book at Swedish country house with sunny garden in the background

May 2020

WTM Sweden now holds fortnightly meetings where people who are interested in the WTM come together to discuss the understanding of the human condition.

Our meeting on Tuesday 19 May was a very special one, with everyone excited to meet a new interested couple who have been exploring the understandings for around 4 months. They have read Transform Your Life, watched videos, are well in to reading FREEDOM and have clearly appreciated the understanding of the breakthrough explanation of the human condition. The meeting was a very joyous occasion and everyone was excited about being part of the group and having the opportunity to catch up.

We talked about the problems in the world and how important this information is to end the suffering on the planet. With that in mind there were plenty of reasons afterwards for having a mini-celebration which is what Ulrik and I had by meeting up and spending a day walking in a beautiful environment and finishing with a coffee together, as you can see here in the picture! The group we have here in Sweden is really just so wonderful and we’re so lucky to have found this and each other.

World Transformation Movement Sweden members Olof and Ulrik

Olof Österman - WTM Sweden Centre Founder and Ulrik Helms after the recent WTM Sweden group meeting.

February 2020

The Swedish WTM Centers members met a third time to catchup over a wonderful dinner together, with Mette, (far left in the photo) who’s been a member for 2 months but acquainted with the information for over a year, joining in for the first time! It was a truly joyous evening in the spirit of celebration of having this information in our lives and where we delved into certain aspects of the human condition relevant to our lives, such as the topic of ‘men and women’.

Mette, Ulrik, Eva, Sandra and Olof in a restaurant

December 2019

Read Olof's answer to the question What is the World Transformation Movement? where he explains "the WTM works to bring [the] biologically based understanding to every human as it has the potential to change our behaviour for the better [as] it deals with the so very important question of if we are good or bad and answers it positively and because of the huge impact that has for our well being it’s a movement with a very special, far and all-reaching potential which I believe can and will save the world."

October 2019

The Swedish WTM Centre’s first official meeting! Ulrik, Eva, Sandra and Olof met over a very nice dinner to share their experiences of living with this incredible explanation of the human condition and the joy of having found understanding of their lives.

Ulrik, Eva, Sandra and Olof in a restaurant

August 2019

Exciting meeting with founders and members of the other Global WTM Centres, where many topics, including the polarised state of politics, were discussed, and how this can come to an end and a new transformed world begins with the clarifying insight this world-saving understanding now allows us.

Screenshot of people participating in a WTM Global Centres video conference discussion

July 2019

WTM Sweden founder Olof visiting members of the Austrian WTM Center, for the second time! It was a wonderful week of fellowship based on our shared appreciation of Jeremy Griffith's understanding of the human condition.

  • WTM Sweden founder Olof having dinner with members of the WTM Austria Center
  • Olof in the rain with WTM Austria members Stefan, Sophie, Gerald and Gerry