Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is an Australian biologist who has dedicated his life to bringing fully accountable, biological understanding to the dilemma of the human condition — the underlying issue in all human life of our species’ extraordinary capacity for what has been called ‘good’ and ‘evil’.

Since writing his first book Free: The End Of The Human Condition in 1988, Jeremy has written a further seven books including A Species In Denial in 2003, which was a bestseller in Australia and New Zealand. In 2016 Jeremy's most definitive book, FREEDOM: The End of the Human Conditionwas launched in London at the Royal Geographical Society.

World Transformation Movement Founder Jeremy Griffith at the book launch of his book FREEDOM

Author, biologist and World Transformation Movement Founder, Jeremy Griffith, at the book launch of FREEDOM.

Jeremy Griffith’s books have attracted the support of such eminent scientists in the field as Australia’s Templeton Prize-winning biologist Professor Charles Birch and New Zealand’s then foremost zoologist Professor John Morton, as well as other distinguished thinkers such as Sir Laurens van der Post.

A proposal to make a documentary about the human condition, The Human Condition Documentary Proposal, which Jeremy wrote the synopses for, received over 100 endorsements from many of the world’s leading scientists and thinkers, including professors Stephen Hawking and Nobel Laureate Charles H. Townes.

It is important to note that by definition all new ideas threaten the status quo and are therefore typically resisted. And no new idea is as revolutionising and thus threatening of the status quo as analysis and explanation of the human condition. This is because the status quo, or prevailing attitude, has been to cope with the until now unexplained and thus unbearably depressing issue of our species’ seemingly horribly flawed, even ‘corrupted’ or ‘fallen’, ‘good and evil’-stricken human condition by living in almost complete denial of it. It follows that Jeremy’s explanation of the human condition will meet resistance and where that has occurred it has been strongly countered with rectifying clarification, which you can read about here.

Ultimately, understanding and absorbing the explanation of the human condition ends all the bewilderment, confusion and uncertainty — all the insecurity — about human behaviour. It unravels the whole mess we humans have been living in.

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